ING. STEFANO FLORIDIA - Iscritto all’albo degli Ingegneri della provincia di Oristano col numero 718 Sez. A


he engineering office works in the field of architectural design, structural analysis, construction supervision and interior design, and is able to offer optimal solutions in response to the most varied design needs, always getting the optimization of time and cost, providing maximum assistance and support in the management of the entire design process, regulatory and administrative.

Thanks to the use of three-dimensional modeling software and photorealistic rendering can make photographic renders from the maximum realism. This service has now become indispensable for professionals, because it allows to obtain a realistic representation of the project before to carry out the work.

A project or three-dimensional furniture has the ability to highlight and emphasize those aspects that in the two-dimensional design would be difficult to define and interpret. Not only that, but it is a very useful tool in the process of sale for real estate agencies, construction companies, professionals, pubblic offices because it provides the immediacy of perception of space, of the style and of materials and allows a balanced assessment.

The engineering office desire is to fully meet the requests of public and private clients, understanding and welcoming their needs and purposes, offering our own professional experience to achieve a common significant goal.